Thursday, April 1, 2010

Affiliate Link Cloaking Software Power Link Generator

Link cloaking has become a necessity in professional
affiliate marketing strategies.  Why?  Because too many
hard working affiliates are getting their links hijacked
and their commissions diverted.  Power link generator's
link cloaking software is superior to other affiliate
link cloaking software due to its ease of use, ability
to track and cookie insertion ability to assure
you receive credit for your sale.

Statistics show, Using a simple tiny url or other affiliate
link typically discourages a conversion by a potential
customer because it looks amatuerish, sends the message
that you are only selling the product for a profit and
represents you have no accountability or recourse for your
customer if they chose to purchase through you.  In the end,
the customer buys direct instead so they do not feel they
have been profitized from and are assured they will receive
the customer service and support that they expect.

By simply using Power Link Generator affiliate link
cloaking and management software, your links will look
clean and professional and increase your click-thru
conversions and using the cookie drop feature, your sales
can increase by 900%.

I recommend and use Power link generator along with
many other affiliate pro's who have come to rely on
this easy to use link cloaking software.  Its easy
to use, dependable, protects my affiliate commissions
and the software business management feature saves
me time and money.

Discover how to instantly and dramatically increase
your click-thru rates, boost sales and skyrocet your
opt in's by as much as 400% or more by adding power
link generator to your current marketing strategy.

We are an official Power Link Generator authorized reseller

and provide complete support for our customers and affiliates.

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